iSpis - CRM for Debt Collection Agencies

Professional Software for Claim Administration and Debt Recovery

Be a step ahead with the best Debt recovery

  • Finding debtors in social media
  • Integrated portal for both debtors and creditors
  • Simply creates templates and automatic notices
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What is

iSpis CRM

Easy communication

Automatically communicates via SMS, e-mail or letters, sent through standard or recorded delivery.

No one will escape

Detailed history of all events related to a case.

Optimised for work

Loading cases, sending out notices or checking payments has never been easier.

template-based documents

Creating templates in iSpis is easy - you only need to mark in a Word document where the file details should be entered.

Manages advanced maths

Debts, accessories, interest, fees, partial payments, payment schedules - everything calculated to the last penny.

Complies with GDPR and the EU requirements

Cloud within the EU with physical security and encryption, a GDPR-compliant contract with our IT service provider.

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Example of case detail view

Why should I use iSpis CRM?

Professional Software

A proven system, 7 years on the market in several EU countries, dozens of large clients, hundreds of thousands cases on file.

More sophisticated than ordinary aplications

By its range of features, iSpis is miles ahead its competitors. And it does not lose breath with enormous loads of cases.

Efficient, but Affordable!

Thanks to our philosophy and long term focus on debt collection, we can offer a software for a more than decent price.

Try it, but be careful! is highly addictive. You will be impressed by the amount of work it does for you.

15 clients across Europe!

Our clients include, in particular:

  • loan providers
  • debt collection agencies
  • attorneys at law
  • executor's offices

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